Why do people go to a life coach?

People come to coaching because they want things to be different. They are looking for change or they have important goals to reach.

From the first session coaching focuses on what the client wants.

Usually they want more from their lives. More of the good stuff. More control, confidence, direction, success, happiness. More order, balance, peace and joy.

And sometimes they want less – less of the bad stuff – less stress, less confusion, less financial pressure.

They come to a life coach because they want a better quality of life. To feel fulfilled. To feel understood. To feel clear head space.

To live their best life ever.

I am passionate about helping people to realise, in real time, the changes they want to make in their lives. And as purpose follows passion, I’m committed to delivering a life coaching experience where people find their missing piece, complete the puzzle and see clearly their own ‘bigger picture’.